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About The Magician

The Magician is a narrative EP and online experience centered around one continuous story about two central characters, the Magician and the Creation. Created as a means to explore themes of pride and innocence, characteristics pulled from the major arcana of the tarot was central to conceptualizing these characters and this story.

This online experience will allow you to uncover the full story, accessible as you scroll through the site. The concept and music of The Magician was created over one year as my masters thesis at Berklee in Valencia, Spain. I hope you enjoy exploring this small story as much as I've enjoyed creating it.



All songs written and performed by Sam Kittinger
Produced and mixed by Sam Kittinger

Gracie Hays Violin, The Chariot & The Hanged Man
Korina Davis Violin, The Hanged Man
Ido Goldberg Electric Guitar, The Tower
Idra Additional Sound Design, The World
Sandra Rùn Jònsdòttir Trumpet, The World
Jasmine Sloane Trombone, The World

Advising Pablo Munguia, Pierce Warneke, and Ben Cantil

The Hanged Man Music Video

David Gaspar Director, editor and post-production
Guillermo Polo Cinematographer
Javi Polo Camera Assistant
Carlos Surián Gaffer
Borja Vizcaíno Color
Ana Hair & Makeup

Starring Naomi Westwater, Héctor, Chivali and Oscar

Thanks to Maria, Alex, and Kerem

Special Thanks to

Naomi Westwater for being the guiding hand, an inspiring friend, and a fucking brilliant magician.

David Gaspar for bringing my vision to life. I couldn't be more grateful.

The friends and family I've made in Spain for making me a better musician and person. I couldn't have found a better crew to experience my time abroad with.

Robert Day for allowing me a year to find my potential, in so many ways. I love you.

Mom, Dad, and Brother Kittinger for not always knowing what the hell I'm doing, but supporting me anyways.

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Weak is the wall that covers, covers you
With a quiet hand and booming voice
The Tower holds true

Weak are the men, and the women, children too
To take not theirs, no right to heirs
And I will make it true
Silent the knife, wreath in fire
Fall away

I have lost all I know and now I let go
Return these days
All fall forward and go, the quick undertow
Preserve these ways







Brimstone and flame, fury and blood
Those are the prices of unnatural flood
Hell is the jury, and I am the judge
I am the judge

I have got you so close, and now that I know
Return these days
All fall forward and go, the quick undertow
Preserve these ways